Groundbreakers In-Gathering

Help Living Word Church become the center of our community with a permanent church home.   Our plan is to acquire reasonably priced land and then construct a simple stage-1 multipurpose building that will be used for worship, study, serve and sharing God's love.  We pray that it will be a place where the community gathers, needs are served and neighbors are reached.


A Center for The Community

Dream about a place where neighbors, friends, families and organizations can gather to worship, study, serve and share together.  Envision a place surrounded by trees and greenspace where you are welcomed home and loved.  Realize this place by helping Living Word build.

Call 281-532-9000 


Land Purchased

Living Word Church has purchased land for our furture home at  

Kirby Road & Old Kirby Road. God has blessed us so much on this journey. We ask that you please continue to Pray!


  • We have purchased the land, Drawing & Artist Rendering are completed.
  • We recently had our GroundBreaking Ceremony 
  • Clearing of the land has started
  • We have reached our 400K Milestone groundbreakers gala Feb.21 Waters Edge.
  • Our Gala event was a huge success and God blessed us in so many ways.
  • We have reached out $450K Milestone

Stay tuned for current happenings and phase updates.

Giving Update

MILESTONES & EVENTS:We will gather, deploy, and give to reach each milestone so we will see our dream of our new church home and community center become a reality.

Milestones to $500,000 for Land and Construction Loan 

  1. $200K DONE- Purchase Land
  2. $250K DONE-Drawings & Artist Rendering-Master Plan Reveal 
  3. $300K DONE-Clearing Our Land–Community Campfire Event
  4. $350K DONE Groundbreaking Land-Groundbreaking Ceremony
  5. $400K Done Prepare Our Land – Groundbreakers Gala Event
  6. $450K Done Stake Out Our Church Home - No Walls Worship Event
  7. $500K Close on Const. Loan - God’s Word Foundation Event
  8. $550K Future Ministry – Seabrook Iconic Art Event

Giving as of March 17, 2020


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There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, discipleship mentoring , and ways to grow people, transform households and each neighbors with the Living Word through faith in Jesus Christ.

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